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SNMP Informant Support Information

Support Options

Please Note:  When a Windows Server product goes "end of life", Informant Systems will no longer provide support for SNMP Informant against that product.  Make your choice of the support options on the left.  Details of each option are shown below.

Commercial Support - With any commercial product purchase,  you get 1 year of unlimited email support (from date of purchase).  ALL Updates are included for 1 year from time of purchase.  After that, a yearly maintenance fee of 20% of current online purchase price applies.

Knowledge-base - A collection of tips to help you with your SNMP Informant implementation.  Here you will find links to articles to help you with your SNMP installation, from installation and security to performance monitoring of various Microsoft products.

User Guides - Click for an online version of the most current User Guides.