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Important SNMP Informant Features

What make SNMP Informant stand out?

SNMP Informant has a number of compelling features to offer.  Read on to find out more.

High Performance: SNMP Informant leverages the SNMP protocol, which uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol), and is much faster than WMI over TCP.

  • Link: "SNMP versus WMI Performance

Enhanced Functionality: With SNMP Informant installed, you can control Windows services using SNMP as well as collect WMI state and configuration information.

  • Link: Windows Management Instrumentation

Customization Capability: Our Premium product includes all our providers, and in addition allows you to monitor custom performance counters, remotely launch scripts and collect their response data using SNMP.

Support for Windows SNMP service replacement With Microsoft's announcement that SNMP has been deprecated in Windows Server 2012, you might be concerned about how to best move forward.  You will be pleased to know that it is possible to replace the Microsoft SNMP service with an alternative SNMP service.  NuDesign Technologies' SNMPv3 Agent Service for Windows is the preferred SNMP stack replacement for SNMP Informant.

Support for SNMPv3: As a component of our partnership with Nu Design Technologies, SNMP Informant supports SNMPv3 on their SNMPv3 Agent Service For Windows.  If you are looking for a solid, fully supported SNMPv3 stack replacement for Windows, we recommend you visit today.