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About Informant Systems, Inc.

About Us

Informant Systems has been providing the network management community with cost-effective SNMP extension agents for Windows operating systems and server applications since 1999.   Our flagship product, SNMP Informant™ is in use by small, medium and large organizations around the world, including Universities, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and large multi-national corporations.

Our Mission

Working with Select Resellers and Product Partners, Informant Systems strives to add measurable value to products and services, while establishing ourselves as a notable developer of cost-effective, high performance SNMP data providers for the Windows operating system.

Our History

We started by developing the SNMP4NT agents in 1999 to support the Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 operating systems.  In 2001, we released SNMP4W2K to support Windows 2000 and then-current Server Applications.  In early 2004, we introduced a new SNMP agent called SNMP Informant.  Re-written from the ground up, SNMP Informant provides comprehensive performance counter and WMI class data for a wide range of Microsoft Windows operating systems and application servers.  To find out more about our SNMP Informant product line, click here.