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SNMP Informant Partner Listing


Informant Systems is seeking to establish strategic relationships with companies that develop SNMP-based network monitoring products and services.

Product Developers

 If you are interested in rapidly adding increased value and functionality to your product, consider how partnering with Informant Systems can help you achieve your objectives.  Simply put, bundling SNMP Informant with your product or service, can help increase your value proposition.

Service Partners

If you are in the business of providing Server Hosting services, and monitoring those servers is part of that service, Informant Systems can help you add value.  By entering into a "Service Provider License to Use Agreement" with Informant Systems, you can expand and monetize your monitoring offerings.

Contact us to initiate discussions in these areas.

NuDesign Technologies specializes in development of management agents and client applications used in remote configuration, monitoring and control of Windows and Linux Servers and Workstations, embedded networking devices, services, and applications.  Informant Systems and NuDesign have partnered together to create a complete Windows SNMP Service and Data Provider solution.  Click here to find out more.


ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring solution delivers total infrastructure visibility from a single console.


Netmon is an all-in-one network monitoring software solution for identifying and resolving IT infrastructure and network issues.


OpenNMS is the World's first open source, enterprise grade network management application platform.