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SNMP Informant Support Knowledge-Base

Knowledge-base Articles

Listed below are the knowledge-base articles we have compiled to date. If you find an error or omission, please contact us and let us know.  If we do/find something worth knowing, we'll post it here too.

Monitoring individual processes with the Advanced Agent

Monitoring Exchange 2000/2003 Servers

Automated Installation of SNMP Informant (updated)

Related Links for monitoring Microsoft products

SNMP and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

SNMP Informant and MRTG Config files

The logic behind SNMP Informant indexes

Reactivating performance counters using EXCTRLST.EXE

Decoding SNMP Informant instance numbers

Advanced configuration using registry settings

Troubleshooting SNMP Informant OS/Exchange Helper service problems

Common SNMP Informant OIDs

Silent Install information for version 2008.2

(Re) activating SQL Server 2000 Performance Counters

SNMP Informant (PDH) Event Log Error Messages

Remote Registry Event Log Error Messages

Exchange 2010 OIDs for Mailbox/Queue monitoring

SNMP Informant Exchange 2010 OIDs and performance Counter objects

Setting SNMP Informant into Debug Mode

Using the SNMP Informant Toolox and Configuration Utility